Recent exhibitions

Hoard was a 3-year project based in Leeds. A group of artists hoarded objects and artifacts relating to their practice: finished artworks, props, curiosities, documents, traces, plans, remnants. These objects become the starting point for new works and performances. Visit the Hoard website for more information.

The final exhibition was in October 2015 at Leeds Corn Exchange. Listen to an excerpt from our installation here, or read on for further details of our project.

Nuclear transmissions

Frauhaus’ starting point for this project was the BBC transcript to be used in wake of nuclear attack.  We listen and give voice to the information, planning and anxiety of the recent past, and make space for it in the present.

First phase: Collection of sound recordings of the BBC transcript via email submission and at a public event in our broadcast room at Hoard.

Second phase: These recordings become part of the work, and the structure now transitions from broadcast room to shelter, a space to reflect and record a memory or thought which would help you through uncertain times.

Third phase: Memories and moments fill the space in the form of collected photographic slides and hand-written messages printed on acetate, converging with the broadcast transmissions.

Picture of installation in third phase


Contact us for collaboration or exhibition enquiries.

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